Kuzuhara and the early converts experienced God's power in a manner reminiscent of the first believers on the day of Pentecost. This was the second such experience for the early converts, but the first for Kuzuhara. He notes in the Reisei how it happened:

That day I was very discouraged by my powerless message at the special meeting. Not knowing what to do, I decided to pray until I received power from above. Nine church members came to the year-end prayer meeting. They were all dedicated Christians seeking the Lord from the bottom of their hearts. They joined me and we all prayed together. Although we started to pray, one by one we soon felt heavy, thick clouds over us. Suddenly we felt the presence of Jesus as if He were on His way to Emmaus when he opened his disciples' spiritual eyes. We believed that the same God could do the same thing and open our eyes that day. Encouraged by the story of Emmaus, we started to pray earnestly. The presence of Jesus was so close to us at that time that we all felt the power from above. Suddenly, we all prayed at once, not waiting for each other's prayers. We prayed as if something had happened to us: one kept crying, holding a handkerchief to his face; another was screaming in prayer, knowing his powerlessness as a Christian. That was the beginning of the revival in the Holiness Church (Kuzuhara 1923:23).

This experience was not only a further affirmation for the establishment of the church, but also a confirmation to the members of God's anointing of their ministry. Kuzuhara described the revival experience in more concrete terms:

First, we all realized our weakness before the Lord. Second, we prayed in accord to receive the power from above. Third, Christ who lived within us was revered by this experience. Fourth, we came to know that the grace of God's holiness came into our sinful and weak hearts. Fifth, we were revitalized in our hearts more than ever. Sixth, we received a heart burning for prayer (Kuzuhara 1923:24).

Thus the revival experience of the group on December 31, 1922, was in response to their hunger for a deeper spiritual experience with the Lord. It strengthened the spiritual fervor of both Kuzuhara and the early converts. This event could be considered the spiritual birthday of the church.