Today, the Holiness church is mostly concerned about the renewal of the local churches in view of the transitional factors previously mentioned. Additionally, in response to a growing concern over the loss of spiritual dynamics of the local church as well as the personal level, the Conference-mandated renewal retreat in the Spring of 1990, was timely. Responses to a questionnaire regarding the retreat indicate that everyone was impressed and felt the presence of God there. The following are some typical testimonies:

The Holy Spirit showed me that I should remove any obstacle that will prevent His fullness in my life. And He showed me that each member of the church should seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit....

The retreat demonstrated the unity of our Conference. Problems exist everywhere but I only focused on the greatness of His power. The retreat definitely brought about a sense of unity and oneness in Him....

Personally, I was reminded to look toward God alone as my source and strength. As a church, there are more prayer meetings. Although some of these started before the retreat, because the timing was so close, we believe that God’s Spirit was moving, and is moving in our church. The annual church camp was just recently held and attendance was much better than the previous year. Our Conference must move in God’s Spirit and I believe and pray that we are doing so (Yonemoto 1990).

In response to the 1988 General Conference Proposition, the CVC raised three areas of consideration with regard to the renewal of churches, namely: the spiritual revitalization of Conference workers, staff improvements, and Conference-wide and local-church renewal retreats. The CVC is concerned with the spiritual life and proper distribution of human resources in the Conference. While examining spiritual life on a micro scale through seminars, workshops, and open-discussion meetings, the CVC also seeks specific goals on a macro level for the entire Conference. For now, that macro goal involves planting churches, which the CVC believes to be the most effective goal for the Conference. The CVC summarized the ten-year vision as presented in Figure 4.