Sadaichi Kuzuhara, the saintly “father of our Conference” died on March 11, 1988 at the age of 101 in Chicago. His example had always provided encouragement to everyone. David Hosomi attended the funeral services in Chicago as a representative from our Conference.

In July 1989, Arthur Tsuneishi retired from the pastorate after a thirty-six year ministry in the Conference. A retirement banquet hosted by the Los Angeles Holiness Church, was held at the Sequoia Conference Center in Buena Park.

Table 24

On the weekend of March 30 to April 1, 1990, an historic event took place: the first Conference-wide retreat in Holiness Church history was held at Camp Hess Kramer in Malibu, California. Around 200 pastors and lay leaders from all of the Japanese and English divisions gathered together for an intensive and inspirational time. Since that time, local church leadership retreats have also been held at each regional center or local church.

After an illustrious forty-five year ministry in the Conference as a church planter and pastor, Daniel Shinoda officially retired at the 1990 General Conference held at Pt. Loma College in San Diego. The Conference also conferred upon him the status of Pastor Emeritus. Shinoda was a unique minister: all through the years he pastored, he was busily involved in the family business, the San Lorenzo Nursery; he never accepted a salary for his work as a pastor. Quite obviously, he was able to apply his business acumen when establishing the many churches with which he was involved.

The statistics of church activities for both English and Japanese departments in 1990 are shown in Tables 24 and 25. While the Honolulu Church was the only church with over 100 in worship attendance in 1980, a decade later five other English department churches were to exceed that number as well. During the same period in the Japanese department, while the Los Angeles Church was only church to exceed 100, a decade later two other Japanese department were to surpass that number also.

Table 25

Church renamed as La Costa Japanese Christian Church in 1991.
In 1991, the Japanese division of six Southern California Holiness churches began a weekly radio ministry under the leadership of Hideo Ando of the Los Angeles Holiness Church. This program initiated by the West Los Angeles Holiness Church five years earlier, had grown into a ministry encompassing all of the Southern California churches. In Northern California, the Holiness churches have been involved in various cooperative ministries with other churches, including a very successful TV ministry begun in 1978.

In Southern California, Nichigo ministries in both Thousand Oaks in Ventura County and Las Vegas, are underway. The Orange County Holiness Church is expecting the completion of their new facilities by the end of 1993. The West Los Angeles Church has plans for a multi-million dollar expansion program by the year 2000. Among the young people, Vision Ministries is a new ministry led by young pastors such as Lester Yamashita. Vision Ministries has had two successful midwinter retreats, and it continues to have outreach ministries, Bible studies, and prayer times.

In Northern California, the Walnut Creek Church took on a part-time Nichigo pastor in 1992. At the same time in Hawaii, the Pearl City Highlands Holiness Church moved to their new facilities in Waipahu and was renamed the “West Oahu Christian Church.”

Figure 3 shows a geographical view of the present twelve OMS Holiness churches. In 1938, as the Figure 1 showed, eleven Holiness churches were already established. Although the number of churches remains almost the same, worship attendance has steadily increased more than five times in fifty-five years, from 346 to 1,845. One obvious factor is the addition of English-speaking ministries since then.