Under Kuzuhara's leadership, the church began to move into Japanese-American society where many were not Christians. In the first year, Juji Nakada, who was en route home to Japan after his evangelistic tour, conducted a baptismal service in beach waters. Nine people were baptized, seven of whom were the first products of the church's early evangelistic activities. In the period that followed, Kuzuhara baptized five to ten people each year.

As Table 5 shows, the average growth rate from 1921 to 1926 for worship attendance was 13.2 percent per annum, and the decadal growth rate was 24.5 percent. During the second and third years of the church's operation, nine people transferred from other churches, yet actual worship attendance at the church increased by only two or three people. The reason for this small increase was that dedicated members went out to assist in sister churches.

[Baptismal service at the San Gabriel River by Rev. Kuzuhara in 1928

Baptismal services were held jointly with other pioneer OMS Holiness church groups, in San Fernando, Baldwin Park, and Montebello. These churches gathered together on Christmas and Easter Sundays with the Los Angeles Church members for shared services. By 1930 more than 200 people had been saved through the evangelistic activities of the Los Angeles Holiness Church. Four new churches were born out of these activities, including one in San Diego and one in Hawaii.

[Easter Service at White Point in 1931]

The Los Angeles Church steadily increased in numbers. A total of thirty-six people were baptized at the Los Angeles Church in 1932 alone, although some were from new congregations, including the San Fernando Group. Thirty-six baptisms in one year was the highest number in Holiness church history. Although figures for worship attendance are not known, the number of persons baptized is shown in Table 6.

In 1934, an evangelistic outreach began in Seattle when Eiji Suehiro arrived. The following year, when the first General Conference of the OMS Church was held in Los Angeles, Sadaichi Kuzuhara was elected its first superintendent.

[Baptism of Ren Kimura by Rev. Kuzuhara at the San Gabriel River in 1936]

As Table 7 shows, the average total worship attendance of the eleven churches was now at 227 people and membership had grown to 346. Thus the vision of the early converts was fulfilled as God multiplied the number of believers during the first twenty years of Holiness church history in America.