Arthur Tsuneishi was born in Monrovia, California, on February 14, 1920. He attended public schools in Duarte and Monrovia, and graduated from Monrovia High School in 1937. He also attended Pasadena City College. With the outbreak of World War II, Tsuneishi was sent to the Pomona Assembly Center and to the Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Wyoming in 1942. Settled in Chicago in 1943, he worked as a tool designer for an engineering firm; but due to a spinal operation, the War Relocation Authority sent him to the Poston Relocation Center in 1944. It was at Poston that he received Christ at a meeting led by a visiting evangelist.

Returning to Monrovia in 1945, Tsuneishi became a member of Evergreen Baptist Church and served in various capacities. There he met and married Sally Kirita on June 12, 1948. Sally was one of eight children born to Kamekichi Kirita and Toka in Hawaii. Since her father was a community leader in Kohala, Hawaii, he had been arrested by the FBI at the outbreak of the war. As a result, her family had been moved to the Mainland and incarcerated at Jerome Relocation Center in Arkansas.

After graduating from UCLA in 1950, Arthur began studies at California Baptist Theological Seminary. After one year at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, he returned to Southern California, and received his degree from California Baptist. During this period he and Sally assisted Mikio Ishino in his work in the San Gabriel and Monrovia Holiness Churches.

In 1953, the Conference assigned Tsuneishi to his first pastorate at the Honolulu Holiness Church. He served alongside Kichiro Fukuda and later, Mikio Ishino. Tsuneishi was ordained at the Gilroy Hot Springs General Conference in 1954. In 1957, he was called to the Los Angeles Holiness Church, and after two years went to serve at the San Diego Holiness Church as the first full-time Nisei pastor there. After the sudden passing of George Yahiro in 1963, Arthur Tsuneishi served as bilingual pastor for three-and-one-half years. In 1966, the church relocated to its present site, purchasing the facilities from the Covenant church. In 1967, Arthur was assigned to the San Lorenzo Holiness Church. He served with Henry Sakuma, and upon Sakuma’s retirement, with Yuichiro Nakano.

In 1968, Tsuneishi was reassigned to the Los Angeles Holiness Church, where he pastored with James Suehiro, Bob Tsujimoto, David Hosomi, and Shunji Mizoguchi. He served until his retirement from the pastorate in 1989. He also served one term as Executive Secretary of the Holiness Conference.

Since his retirement, Tsuneishi has served as the Executive Secretary for the English Division. In his previous pastorates, he also served on various Executive Council committees, as well as Chairman, from 1966 to 1967. He presently resides in San Gabriel, California. He and his wife Sally are the parents of eight children: Jonathan, Arleen, Gail, Mark, Lani, Carol, Julie, and Chris.