Mikio Ishino was born in Chiba, Japan, on May 19, 1899. Through a missionary’s ministry, he became a Christian. Upon arrival in Hawaii, he attended a middle school there, then later went to seminary in Berkeley, California. Ishino went to Japan and married Kinu Suzuki, a dedicated Christian. Upon his return, he served at the Sycamore Congregational Church in Berkeley for a few years in the early 1930’s. He then moved to Southern California to serve at the Hollywood Independent Church.

At the beginning of World War II, before the mass evacuation of 1942, he relocated with his entire family to Utah and started farming. His family attended the First Methodist Church in Freemont, Utah. After the war ended, the Ishino family returned to El Monte, California.

The Baldwin Park Holiness Church remained closed until 1947 when Kameo and Tsuruko Hasegawa began holding cottage meetings in the Azusa area. Mikio Ishino led these meetings and was appointed as the pastor in July 1949. To support his family, Ishino also worked as a gardener. At the 1953 General Conference at the Los Angeles Holiness Church, Ishino and Arthur Tsuneishi were officially accepted by the Conference.

In September 1954, he was appointed to the Japanese-speaking Department of the Honolulu Holiness Church. In 1958, under the leadership of Akira Kuroda, the newly assigned English-speaking pastor, and Ishino, the Heulu property was sold and the move was made to the present location in Manoa. He served also as the Chairman of the Church Federation that year. He returned to California from Hawaii in 1967, after suffering a heart attack, and was reappointed to the San Gabriel Valley Holiness Church in 1969. After serving for two years, he officially retired at the age of seventy-two at the General Conference held at Westmont College in Santa Barbara in July 1971.

On August 17, 1977, Mikio Ishino passed away at the age of seventy-eight in La Mirada, California. His wife, Kinu, followed him in death nine years later on September 29, 1986, at the age of eighty-six. Surviving are three sons: Stan, Ben, and Makoto. Stan is currently a member of the San Gabriel Japanese Christian Church.