Kichiro Fukuda was born in Matsue, Shimane-ken, Japan, on January 27, 1888. In the late 1920’s, he came to the United States, leaving behind two daughters cared for by his grandparents after the death of his wife. Fukuda became a Christian through the ministry of the Los Angeles Holiness Church and became a member in 1928. He married Mitsu Iwamoto in Tokyo, Japan, on April 8, 1934. Mitsu was from Kumamoto-ken in Kyushu and became a Christian through a missionary from the United States. Fukuda’s first assignment was the San Diego Holiness Church. He was installed as the first pastor of the church at its inaugural service on February 9, 1930. After six years of ministry, he was transferred to the Honolulu Holiness Church in April 1936, which had been without a full time minister.

During World War II, since the church members had not been uprooted like those from the Mainland churches, they gathered and sent needed goods to those interned in various Mainland camps. Fukuda continued to minister to the Japanese-speaking congregation until 1954, when he was given his third assignment at the San Lorenzo Holiness Church. He succeeded the eight year ministry of Tameichi Okimoto. A month after his arrival, the church celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary.

During his ministry at San Lorenzo, he was also assigned to the Campbell Holiness Church for a year. He also served at the Sunnyvale Holiness Church for three years on a semi-retired basis. The 1963 General Conference marked the end of Fukuda’s thirty-six years of faithful ministry in the Holiness Conference.

After retirement, Fukuda visited Japan to minister to his brothers and sisters. He also served in an independent Japanese congregation in San Francisco for a short time. He lived in San Leandro until he died from a heart attack on November 9, 1973, at the age of eighty-five. Funeral services were conducted by Yuichiro Nakano, pastor of the San Lorenzo Holiness Church. Four children survive the Fukuda’s: Junko, Kazuko, Yoriko, and Isaac.